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Top ICO (Initial Coin Offering) list & Cryptocurrencies


Deedcoin ICO logo

Category: Uncategorized

Deedcoin brings blockchain to the real estate sector with a platform beneficial to everyone. Deedcoin decentralizes control to reduce costs and bring ...

30th Apr 2018 - 31st Dec 2018

Ethfinex Nectar Token

Ethfinex Nectar Token ICO logo

Category: Uncategorized

Ethfinex will build a community hub for developers, traders, and enthusiasts. It will enable discussion, study, and trading in the Ethereum ecosystem....

13th Feb 2018 - 31st Dec 2018


Wyzerr ICO logo

Category: Uncategorized

Wyzerr empowers managers, or any other worker, to make key operational business decisions by using artificial intelligence to turn customer, employee,...

1st Oct 2018 - 31st Dec 2018



Category: Finance

They are expanding and building new infrastructure on the blockchain to offer new digital investing products. They will merge fiat and cryptocurrencie...

1st Apr 2018 - 1st Apr 2019

Crowd Machine

Crowd Machine ICO logo

Category: Uncategorized

Crowd Machine is creating the Crowd Computer, a decentralized app execution engine that is powered by a peer-to-peer network of Crowd Virtual Machines...

1st Apr 2018 - 22nd May 2019

List of upcoming ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

Bounty Angels

Bounty Angels ICO logo

Category: Uncategorized

Their task is to create the platform that will automatically control activities of Bounty Hunters and calculate their renumeration, automatically uplo...

19th Nov 2018 - 19th Dec 2018

REuse Cash

REuse Cash ICO logo

Category: Infrastructure

REuse Cash is aimed to create a Recycling System that pays the User !

1st Jan 2019 - 31st Jan 2019


TransCrypt ICO logo

Category: Uncategorized

TransCrypt is a payment platform that allows you to send and receive crypto and fiat currencies right in the chat of your familiar messenger. TransCry...

1st Feb 2019 - 28th Feb 2019

List of Past ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

Argyle Coin

Argyle Coin ICO logo

Category: Finance

Argyle Coin will fill that need with a global, standard cryptocurrency, that is complemented with a proprietary Wallet, Coin Exchange, and multilatera...

17th Aug 2018 - 10th Nov 2018


Pingvalue ICO logo

Category: Uncategorized

Pingvalue is a people-centric open platform that reinvents the current socio-economic model by enabling relevant and trustworthy interactions/transact...

15th Aug 2018 - 15th Oct 2018

Black Insurance

Black Insurance ICO logo

Category: Insurance

Marketplace for insurance brokers and investors on blockchain.

31st Aug 2018 - 30th Sep 2018


Hydrocoin ICO logo

Category: Uncategorized

HydroCoin (HYC) is a cryptocurrency for the blockchain community empowering hydrogen industry. It enables the blockchain community to participate on h...

1st Apr 2018 - 30th Sep 2018


LookRev ICO logo

Category: Trading & investing

LookRev is a peer-to-peer decentralized marketplace. Using block chain and smart contract as the infrastructure, it enable ordinary people to form and...

8th Sep 2017 - 30th Sep 2018

Invest in Brokers

Invest in Brokers ICO logo

Category: Uncategorized

Invest platform is a trustless copy-trading platform enabling everyone to trade cryptocurrencies just like the best and most experienced traders with ...

15th Aug 2018 - 30th Sep 2018


Coinnup ICO logo

Category: Uncategorized

They are disrupting the traditional complex Fintech methods of payment. Coinnup is a team of experienced developers, economists and fintech experts th...

23rd Apr 2018 - 26th Sep 2018


Monetizr ICO logo

Category: Uncategorized

Monetizr (Techstars) is the go-to platform for in-game economies. The Monetizr game reward engine integrates directly with games and reward gamers wit...

18th Jun 2018 - 18th Sep 2018